At TSAV, we believe that our work can facilitate empowerment and enhance delivery of our clients’ messages . In short, we facilitate communication through leading technology related projects.  We explore the possibilities derived from innovative design practices. We magnify the impact of the message, sometimes through amplification and sometimes through streamlining, refinement, and method. TSAV is a full-service professional communications technology consulting firm specializing in technology roadmapping, ROI quantification, infrastructure design, project management, consulting, integration, programming, service and support for AV, IT, and technology projects. We work with clients worldwide in focus areas including the following:

  • Technology Master Planning
  • Technology Project Planning
  • Impact and Collateral Effect of Technology Plan
  • Cost Management and ROI
  • Sponsor/Partner Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Facility Design Collaboration
  • Systems Design
  • Systems Configuration & Calibration
  • Operational Support & Service Level Agreement
  • Maintenance & Support Programming
  • Training