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TSAV Covid-19 Update

TSAV Clients, Business Partners and Friends,

The COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting all of us. These are unprecedented circumstances calling for action on all of our parts.  Industries are paused, personal lives in flux, and varying interpretations of mandated shutdowns and restrictions on work are cause for confusion and inefficiency.  At TSAV, we’ve taken the circumstances as a call to action on all of our active projects. Our team is 100% mobilized and is heavily focused on gaining new efficiencies, so our work in the field can be even more rapid, thorough, and comprehensive than ever.  And, we are succeeding in doing so through doubling efforts on a wide variety of granular facets of the technical work that we love. This aggressive approach matches our aggressive focus on integrity, stewardship of your resources, stewardship of time, and our uncompromising commitment to our collective success.  

 Our responsibility to our Nation and our communities is unwavering as well.   We are working weekdays and weekends to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the recommendations being made by our Government and medical community while keeping our commitments and our partners at the front of our efforts.  Through our robust technology infrastructure, any and all work that can be done remotely is being done at home. And, staying focused on NIH, CDC, and WHO efforts to “flatten the curve” of infection rates, any other work that can be done at the end of this period of distancing and isolation is being pushed.  

 I’d like to reiterate that we are, simultaneously, working longer hours and longer weeks than we were before this time, and this work is providing new efficiencies for the impending site work.   Where critical efforts are required, we are committed and ready to work with you to resolve related issues.  

 It is very important to also note that intense analysis of project schedules has been completed. Review and updates to these schedules, verification of associated dependencies, and confirmation of the required “depth of bench” needed is happening daily.  As a result, we have not identified any gaps in project schedules nor do we anticipate any issues with adherence to our planned completion dates. As these schedules are updated daily, we will work with you immediately and directly to resolve any associated concerns should they come to light.    

Formally, TSAV is complying with State mandates that all non-essential service companies are ordered to shelter in place.  Accordingly, work on-site which is non-essential to project success is being deferred per shelter in place timelines. Essential functions are being performed and these include preparing in new ways with stronger focus on what we all are called to do in the coming weeks.

TSAV is open and operating.  Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. We will continue to be there to support our clients and our partners in these challenging times.  Best wishes to you and your families. And, as always, keep safety first.

Kind Regards,

Pete Dugas, President

Tonya Barr CEO