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TSAV Introduces Skills Lab Solutions - Education Tools For The Future

Apr 28, 2010 by TSAV Staff

TSAV has been helping universities improve their learning environment via a turnkey classroom and lab capture systems. For classes requiring hands on, real world experience, TSAV has created an AV monitoring , capture and communication system that will allow for more affective means of evaluating student performance. Our Video and Audio Capture Systems capture content from work and examination areas digitally encoding student work and instructor demonstrations. An observation system may be housed in a separate area or control room, providing for live monitoring or camera feeds and captured content. Other options are also available including an IP-based intercom system allowing for bidirectional communication between the control room and any single or all work areas required.

For the Medical College of Georgia, TSAV has implemented an impressive clinical skills content archival, streaming, and student assessment system, along side our partnership with B-Line Medical. The Clinical Skills Lab System installed at MCG is designed to give medical students real world experience without an instructor looking over their shoulder. Cameras and ceiling mounted microphones in the patient rooms allow instructors to view and asses student's abilities from a separate location via monitors. Since the procedure is recorded and archived, instructors have the ability to go back and review student's work and progress. For the medical student, TSAV's Clinical Skills Lab System is a vital tool that allows them to review procedure, instructional topics discussed in lab, or review their past performances. Before medical students enter an exam room or lab they will enter their name and information on a monitor outside the "patient area" door. This information will be recorded and sent to the observation rooms for the instructors to log. This information is stored along with the students documented performance and stored for instructors use at a later time. The positive effects of TSAV's Clinical Skills Lab System can already be seen at MCG. A number of other departments at MCG are looking into how a TSAVClinical Skills Lab System can help their departments create better students and medical professionals, while enhance their learning environment.

TSAV's Clinical Skills Lab System is helping to make better doctors and a better learning environment through real world experience.