Who We Are

We believe that our work empowers institutions to empower individuals.  Through technology enhanced experiences, those affected by our work may see the world in a new light.

As worldwide leaders in technology, process, partner integration, and organizational structure, TSAV's focus on the missions of our clients provides for clear direction in the midst of what are often complex initiatives. In short, we build "Experiences" that amplify the core values of our clients and that factor the realities of economics & human resources. 

From visioning to funding to boots on the ground, we explore the possibilities derived from innovative design practices. We magnify the impact of the message, sometimes through amplification and sometimes through streamlining, refinement, and method. TSAV is a full-service technology consulting firm specializing in Visioning, Funding Structures, Roadmapping, CAPEX/OPEX/ROI quantification, Infrastructure design, Program Management, Consulting, Integration, & Support. We offer full lifecycle services from visioning to realization and beyond.  We work with global leaders in their fields in focus areas including the following:

  • Visioning & Mission Alignment
  • Technology Master Planning
  • Technology Project Planning
  • Impact and Collateral Effect Planning
  • Cost Analysis & Management
  • Infrastructure Analysis & Development
  • Facilities Design Collaboration
  • Systems Calibration
  • Systems Design
  • Commissioning & Verification
  • Education
  • Maintenance & Support Programming
  • Sound Consulting